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Crete, also known as Candia in Latin and Girit in Turkish, is Greece’s largest island and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean, with an area of 8,336 square kilometers. It is also one of the thirteen administrative regions of Greece. Its population is greater than 600,000 people. The region is divided into four smaller areas which, from west to east, are Chania , Rethymno , Heraklion and Lasithi. The largest city is Heraklion, which is also the capital. Popular tourist destinations include Knossos, Gortis, Festos, the Venetian fortress in Rethymno, and the mountain gorge of Samaria. Car rental Crete is a great way to explore all these exciting places.

Crete has always been important location in the Mediterranean, as it is positioned very near to three different continents. It is 110 kilometers from the European mainland, 175 kilometers from Asia and 300 kilometers from the coast of Africa. It has been inhabited since ancient times and enjoys a rich history that is as full of legend as it is of fact. In fact, Crete is the location of the infamous minotaur and its labyrinth. Car rental in Crete will give you the mobility you need to seek out legendary locations!

The Minoan civilization, which inhabited the island from 2600 to 1400 B.C., is considered the first great civilization in Europe. Its monuments can still be seen in the archaeological site of Knossos, Gortis and Festos. There are many different theories as to when and how the Minoans arrived on Crete. The most widely accepted theory is that they came from Asia Minor around 2600 B.C. Scholars assume that they were Indo-Europeans, although this cannot be proven because no writing has survived from that time period. Archaeological excavations indicate that the Minoans were a rich civilization with a strong devotion to the arts.

In the Middle Ages, the island was part of the Roman Empire and then the Byzantine Empire. Arab rule came to Crete for nearly a century from 824 A.D. to 960 A.D. Then it went back to the Byzantine Empire and, during the Fourth Crusade, came under the dominion of the Venetian Republic. Walls and buildings built during the reign of this Mediterranean city-state are still standing in the cities of Rethymno, Chania and Heraklion. The Cretan territory was known as the Duchy of Candia during this period. Traces of each historical period are accessible with car rental Crete.

The long Cretan War of 1645 to 1669 ended the Venetian period and the Ottoman Turks came to power. Crete remained under Ottoman rule despite its participation in the Greek Revolution of 1821 to 1828. Further rebellions between 1866 and 1869 resulted in Crete becoming an autonomous republic within the Ottoman Empire. In 1913, it officially became a part of Greece.

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Heavy trucks repair can cost one more than is expected if the wrong people handle the work. Repairing works require one to go beyond the usual skill learned in class. Bearing in mind that trucks do the donkey work over long distances and long hours, leaving it in the hands of the gifted will give it a fresh start. Below are key guidelines needed in Heavy Truck Repair.

Hands on experience although technology facilitates the invention of new systems which can be challenging to a quack, an old hand at heavy truck repair will always give one a smile. If one doesn’t get the experts, the life span of the truck will be significantly reduced. This is because however good the truck was, interfering with its usual setting shall be disastrous.

Location strategically placed equipment is ever advantageous. Getting spare parts and the specialists along the usual route of the truck not only eases the work but also saves time and energy hence maximizing profit.

Genuine parts for the truck to function as before, the equipment being changed must be genuine. This will ensure efficiency and longevity of the vehicle. It is worth noting that counterfeit materials are at times not easy to identify hence the need to work with people you trust. Expertise advice however experienced the truck driver or the owner is, a piece of advice is always key. This ranges from using the machine well for a longer life to identifying any danger signs early enough. This advice should be obtained freely and spontaneously to built a strong bond with the experts.

Availability both the equipment and the specialist should be readily available when needed. Although it was said earlier that the experts should be along the route, this is not always possible. This means the professionals should be swift enough to move to where the problem is. The factors discussed above are not a solution on themselves if not combined with a commitment to offer an outstanding service to clients. In Wichita KS, these services are available in a special way that leaves the client feeling part of the team. For more information on truck repair services, check out, Truck Parts & Equipment Inc. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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Soon the winter season will be arriving and night time will approach even faster. Depending on your location, you might even be facing snow, rain and possible storms. Take the time to make sure your vehicle is in proper order before it gets even colder and darker. Having your car in excellent shape can prevent it from breaking down in the middle of the road in treacherous weather conditions.

Winter time means that it will get dark even earlier and for many of us, that translates to driving to work in the mornings in the dark. Now is the time to make sure your headlights and brake lights are in working order. Two ways exist of taking care of this vital issue. The first way is through the assistance of another individual such as a friend or family member. Sit in the car and have your friend stand in front of the auto. Turn on your headlights and have your friend or spotter check if the lights are in working order. Next turn on your high beams and have your spotter check. Then turn on your left turn signal and then your right turn signal. Have you spotter tell you if there is anything that is out of the ordinary or not working like it is supposed to.

Have the individual stand towards the back of your car and turn on the headlights again. The lights at the back of your vehicle, the tail lights, should work. Then press on your brakes. The brake lights should come on. Repeat the test for your turn signals. Finally with your parking brake on, put your car in reverse and make sure the white lights (meaning reverse) are working.

If there is no one close by to assist you with these tests, you can conduct these same tests yourself by parking your car in a dark garage or near a large wall. You may have to test the front first and then reverse your vehicle to test the rear lights.

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It is also crucial to check your wiper blades. Purchase new ones if there are any signs of wear or cracking. Lift the hood and check your wiper fluid. Then turn on your wipers and ensure that it cleans your windshield completely. Having a dirty windshield prevents you from having a clear look at the road ahead and could possibly lead to accidents; clear visibility is imperative.

Also inspect your radiator fluid as well as brake and power steering fluids to make sure there is plenty left. Be on the lookout for any tubes which appear worn out and cracked or leaks and bring these to the attention of your mechanic. If you are a do it yourself mechanic you probably already maintain your auto quite regularly. One tip is to use daylight savings time as a yearly reminder to make sure the car is safe and in good shape no matter what season it is.

Here are a few more additional items that you might want to look into. Open your trunk and look closely at the spare tire. Make sure it is filled up properly and the pressure is correct. Also make sure you have a jack that is working correctly and that all of the parts are present. A roadside safety kit is another tool to have on hand in case of emergency. Important items to include are a good flashlight, jumper cables, road flares or a safety triangle and a blanket. Don’t forget the batteries for the flashlight. The blanket serves two purposes. One if you are stranded you can stay warm and two if you need to change a flat and you are wearing a nice outfit, you can lay the blanket down to keep your clothes looking pristine.

Winter can provide for more dangerous driving conditions due to snow and rain but you can make the best of it by being fully prepared and having your car checked out on a frequent basis.

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