It may seem unnecessary to give much attention to the storing of foods that do not spoil easily, but there are good reasons why such foods require careful storage. They should be properly cared for to prevent the loss of flavor by exposure to the air, to prevent the absorption of moisture, which produces a favorable opportunity for the growth of molds, and to prevent the attacks of insects and vermin. The best way in which to care for such foods is to store them in tightly closed vessels. Earthenware and glass jars, lard pails, coffee and cocoa cans, all carefully cleaned and having lids to fit, prove to be very satisfactory receptacles for such purposes.

Unless coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, and prepared cereals are bought in cans or moisture-proof containers, they should be emptied from the original packages and placed in jars that can be tightly closed, so that they will not deteriorate by being exposed to the air or moisture. For convenience and economy, these jars or cans should be labeled. Sugar and salt absorb moisture and form lumps when exposed to the air, and they, too, should be properly kept. A tin receptacle is the best kind for sugar, but for salt an earthenware or glass vessel should be used. It is not advisable to put these foods or any others into cupboards in paper bags, because foods kept in this way make disorderly looking shelves and are easily accessible to vermin, which are always attracted to food whenever it is not well protected.

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Canned goods bought in tin cans do not need very careful storage. It is sufficient to keep them in a place dry enough to prevent the cans from rusting. Foods canned in glass, however, should be kept where they are not exposed to the light, as they will become more or less discolored unless they are stored in dark places.

Flour, meals, and cereals stored in quantities develop mold unless they are kept very dry. For the storing of these foods, therefore, wooden bins or metal-lined boxes kept in a dry place are the most satisfactory.


Practically all vegetables and fruits with skins may be regarded as semiperishable foods, and while they do not spoil so easily as some foods, they require a certain amount of care. Potatoes are easily kept from spoiling if they are placed in a cool, dry, dark place, such as a cellar, a bin like that shown in Fig. 16 furnishing a very good means for such storage. It is, of course, economical to buy potatoes in large quantities, but if they must be kept under conditions that will permit them to sprout, shrivel, rot, or freeze, it is better to buy only a small quantity at a time. Sweet potatoes may be bought in considerable quantity and kept for some time if they are wrapped separately in pieces of paper and packed so that they do not touch one another.

Carrots, turnips, beets, and parsnips can be kept through the winter in very much the same manner as potatoes. They deteriorate less, however, if they are covered with earth or sand. Sometimes, especially in country districts, such winter vegetables are buried in the ground out of doors, being placed at a depth that renders them safe from the attacks of frost. Cabbage will keep very well if placed in barrels or boxes, but for long keeping, the roots should not be removed. Pumpkin and squash thoroughly matured do not spoil readily if they are stored in a dry place.

Apples and pears may be stored in boxes or barrels, but very fine varieties of these fruits should be wrapped separately in paper. All fruit should be looked over occasionally, and those which show signs of spoiling should be removed.

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Property management system benefit the most from a Cloud setup even if they are spread widely over geographic boundaries.

Businesses on the internet are the next catalyst for progress and hotel management software make the most out of all its advantages and features. By locking the hierarchy in a single centralized authoritative system, Cloud makes managing multiple branches across several locations a piece of cake – with much thanks to the worldwide web.

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User-friendly interface and operation

Since the system is already set up on Cloud, you don’t need to install it on every device in the hotel. This makes operation easier as well as the software makes use of Wi-Fi and Internet to integrate with all connectable devices in the vicinity. The Cloud system can also directly integrate with your guest and personnel’s smartphones to provide personalized updates, task sheets, and manage administrative scheduling which makes work easier for supervisors.

Easy on the budget

Cloud systems are comparatively cheaper as most hotel chains would want to keep a single source taking care of administrative tasks for every branch. A standalone system for every branch would end up costing thousands, and Cloud resolves this issue by allowing a single system to handle it. You can also get some lucrative subscription discounts from your service provider over time.

Online booking made easy

By keeping your hotel management softwares on the internet, guest reservations over the web is more streamlined and easier to manage vacancies. Mobile access and monitoring traffic on the system are easier to manage from a single secure source that has independent access to the internet. This is vital for making reservations over apps and mobile optimized websites.

Secure gateways

Hotel housekeeping software depend on integrated security systems that usually handle payment gateways as well. However, when you have a system on Cloud, you can have a master security system monitoring different aspects of your hotel throughout multiple branches. By centralizing your sensitive traffic like transactions, you can focus your security system on one location rather than keeping track of multiple systems in different locations.

Flexible for future updates

Most of the software updates are released in order to accommodate a new feature or tech that was recently risen in the trending charts. Since these cannot be predicted, you need to keep your system flexible for updates, both in hardware and software. Cloud connects multiple physical systems over the internet which mean updates on Cloud will immediately migrate to the individual branches and notify about hardware upgrades wherever necessary.

Property management systems benefit the most from a Cloud setup even if they are spread widely over geographic boundaries. This makes administrative duties easier and allows managers to be more involved in the administrative roles. Micromanaging is more efficient and you can make better macro decisions if you have a sound grasp on the inner workings of your system.

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It’s fair to say that plastic surgery is a topic that sometimes breeds wild, unbelievable “facts.” These “facts” are nothing more than myths that are often spread by those without much in-depth knowledge of the field. The reality of plastic surgery often is a lot less sensational than the occasional news story or anecdote might suggest. Read on to discover some of the most common myths and learn the facts instead.

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Cosmetic Surgery Isn’t Safe

Out of all the plastic surgery myths out there, this is one of the most common. It’s also plain wrong. While there are risks involved with any type of medical procedure, be it simple mole removal to more complicated procedures like heart transplants, cosmetic surgery procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeons have an excellent track record.

The nightmare plastic surgery stories that crop up now and again mostly stem from so-called “doctors” performing procedures without a license or from medical doctors who lack the skills and training to perform cosmetic surgery safely. Board-certified plastic surgeons follow strict guidelines and must adhere to a rigorous standard of professional protocols to maintain their certification and their hospital affiliations. In addition, technological advances in medical equipment have contributed to a higher standard of safety in the operating room.

Dr. Frank Campanile, a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs cosmetic surgery in Denver, completely disagrees with this myth as well.

“To say ‘cosmetic surgery isn’t safe’ is like saying all surgery isn’t safe. When choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon for their procedure, patients can take comfort in knowing they are in good hands,” Dr. Campanile says.

All Surgeons Will Deliver the Same Results

Another mythbuster moment: the quality of surgical results is highly dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon performing the procedure. When you choose a cosmetic surgery procedure, you’re putting your wellbeing in the hands of the surgeon. That level of trust requires more than just a passing glance at the doctor’s diploma. According to Dr. Campanile, you need to do your own research to make sure the surgeon you choose is a capable, knowledgeable professional.

Dr. Campanile was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery – the only board accepted by the American Board of Medical Specialties to certify cosmetic/plastic surgeons.

“Every one of my Denver plastic surgery patients learns about my credentials, training and experience,” notes Dr. Campanile. “The truth is that there is a difference in the quality of results from different doctors. That’s why looking at a surgeon’s qualifications and viewing before and after photos matters so much.”

It’s Worth Shopping around for the Lowest Price

This myth can prove dangerously false. You should never, ever choose a surgeon if your only reason is because of a low price. Your health and wellbeing are worth far more than the few hundred dollars you may be able to save. When choosing cosmetic surgery, patients pay for skill, high-quality results, and, most importantly, safety.

If price is an important concern for you, schedule consultations with several practices and get quotes on the cosmetic procedures you want. It’s OK to ask a practice for more affordable alternatives to the procedure you were originally considering. For instance, if you are thinking about having a facelift, it may be more affordable for you to choose a non-surgical treatment such as a dermal filler, which provides skin smoothing results for a fraction of the price of a surgical facelift.

“Of course, you need to pay some attention to the cost of a procedure,” says Dr. Campanile. “That’s only responsible fiscal planning. But if price is driving your decision, take a step back and think about what a procedure really might cost you if something might go wrong. In my experience, it is never worth it to cut corners and possibly compromise your surgical results.”

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If you are one of those worried about eating from plastic containers, then I would say there are plenty of reasons to get some of your own glass storage containers. Imagine reheating your dinner from a plastic container.

By doing this, you are certainly risking some of the plastic chemicals getting absorbed into your food, especially foods that contain fat in them. On the other hand, glass containers don’t pose any risk to your health even during reheating.

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Moreover, plastic also gets warped and scratched much more easily and it also absorbs the tastes and odors from foods. Of course, you need to handle them carefully but they continue to look as good as new for a long, long time.

It is advisable to use glass storage containers, as plastic takes years to breakdown in a landfill and causes environment pollution. You can use the glass containers safely in the freezer and the oven and they are easily available at many online stores in lovely colors. They come with either glass or plastic lids.

You can easily buy the ones with plastic lids as these can be removed when reheating. The lids are made of thick and sturdy plastic that do not warp easily.

If you are really health-conscious then take advantage of the various glass food storage containers available at online stores. These are cost-effective and very convenient too. They will also save you plenty of time, as you can directly use it from the freezer to the oven to the fridge and you don’t have to keep changing dishes to store and eat from them.

Now you can buy these containers in various shapes and sizes and use it for a variety of functions. The food can also be kept fresh and nutritious for a long time. You can keep any kind of food it such as spices, cookies, tea, grains and other kitchen ingredients. Your food will remain clean and pest free. These are also tightly closed so that they remain snug and some even have snap down lids.

Cleaning also is extremely easy as you just need some soap and hot water and you can even use the dishwasher without scratching or warping the glass. They don’t stain easily too, so you can keep stuff like sauce, berries, et cetera.

So how about kicking off the New Year with a clean and organized home with some of the lovely glass storage containers that are available through internet shopping? Now that you know how useful they areHealth Fitness Articles, why don’t you just start browsing and start your beautiful collection of glass storage containers right now? You sure won’t regret it.

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So, you are at that stage in life where you feel the need to get your finances sorted. After all, balancing a wide range of financial aims is too time-consuming and complicated for anyone to deal with on their own. Getting a financial advisor is the right step in helping you to do that.

Deciding that you need a financial advisor is easy but knowing how to select one is a tad bit difficult. There are several factors that go into choosing the right advisor for you.

Right from deciding on the areas where you need help, to understanding the basics of fiduciary care, there is a lot that goes into choosing the advisor. So, let’s go over these points one by one to give you clarity.

The fiduciary advisers and suitability advisers

A fiduciary financial advisor is the one who puts the best interest of his clients first. Now, you might be thinking ‘isn’t that what every adviser will do?’ The answer is no, as not every adviser has to showcase the fiduciary standard of care.

The suitability advisers will only suggest you products that they feel would suit anyone in your condition. But the financial issues and conditions vary widely, and thus, going for a fiduciary financial advisor orange county might be your best bet.

Different sectors of financial planning

The next step of the process is determining the areas of finances where you need help. Some of them will only want to sell your products without even helping you with the overall financial situation that you are in because of having little to no idea about the area where you specifically need their help.

So, you need to look for advisors with expertise in areas like investment, retirement, tax, insurance, real estate, charity, and so on, according to your needs.

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Financial planners and their area of expertise

The financial advisers also act as Financial Planner Melbourne. The planners mainly have their focus on areas like integrated saving, investment and budgeting strategies that address saving goals, and retirement savings.

Keep in mind that not every financial planner you meet will be an investment professional. Some of the financial planners will take into consideration your investments and specific savings goals, while others might not set any particular aims for your finances in the plans that they offer.

The certifications that they come with

The certifications showcase the level of competence that a financial adviser has in offering you the help that you need. To choose the right adviser for handling your finances, make sure that he either comes with a CFP (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), or CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification.

It might seem like a tedious job to sift through the qualifications of every adviser that you look into. But, at the end of the day, it well worth it when you see that you are getting the help that you needed.

In this particular arena of business, the experience is something that matters immensely. An adviser who has been in the business for years has seen the ups and downs of the market and has assisted a wide range of clientsFind Article, would be more suited to come to your aid than someone who has just started his journey in the field.

Monday, April 4, 2005

Rescuers were today sending a pod of 13 pilot whales back into the ocean at Geographe Bay, near to Busselton, south of Perth, in Western Australia. Six additional members of the pod had died during the stranding, including at least one calf. More than 300 people were watching as the whales set out to sea following a 30 hour rescue effort.

The whales had become stranded early yesterday. Several power boats and a spotter plane were escorting the surviving whales towards Cape Naturalist, in an operation expected to take several hours.

Western Australian State Government Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) officers feared that the whales could become stranded again.

One CALM officer, Neil Taylor, told ABC News dozens of his colleagues and community volunteers had helped the whales survive throughout the night.

“The vet has checked them all and given them some antibiotics yesterday, last thing before dark,” he had told the Australian national broadcaster.

“I think the plan is that the vet will be there again [today] and will give them some vitamins to kick them along before they actually take their swim out to sea.”

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Rhode Island district court has frozen all the US assets of the Palestinian Authority (PA), prompting Palestinian finance minister Salam Fayyad to request the aid of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The frozen assets include US holdings in an investment fund worth $1.3 billion, which was used to finance economic development, and $30 million from the Palestinian Monetary Authority.

The ruling was passed upon the PA when they refused to compensate the relatives of a Jewish couple shot dead by members of Hamas in 1996.

US citizen Yaron Ungar and his wife Efrat were killed while returning from a wedding near the West Bank, when their car was shot at repeatedly, killing the couple. Three Hamas militants were jailed as a result.

A lawsuit was filed in 2000 against the Palestinian Authority, the PLO, Hamas, and Yasser Arafat in Rhode Island.

Yasser Arafat hired lawyer and former attorney general Ramsey Clark as his defense. In the case, Clark argued that the PA was a sovereign state, and that it deserved immunity from prosecution accorded to most countries. The court disagreed with this, and in 2004 they ruled that Palestine is not a state, and ordered them to pay the Ungars $116 million. A federal appeals court upheld the verdict in March.

The head of Washington’s PA office, Hasan Abdul Rahman said that his office had been “paralysed” by the verdict.

“It paralyzes the function of the office, and I think that is the intention of the plaintiffs.” he told Associated Press shortly after the decision, and called upon the US administration to intervene.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Yesterday, Hindi poet and songwriter Gopal Das Neeraj died at the AIIMS trauma centre in Delhi, India. The poet was 93-years-old.

According to reports, Gopal Das had a head injury at his home in Agra and was taken to Aligarh for treatment. The chief of AIIMS trauma centre of New Delhi, Dr Rajesh Malhotra, said, “He was shifted to the trauma centre here [the night before he died] in a critical condition. He had suffered from kidney failure, had infection all over his body and head injury”.

Born in the Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh on January 4, 1925, Gopal Das was a resident of Agra and taught Hindi literature at the Dharma Samaj College in Aligarh. Gopal Das had received some of the highest Indian civilian honourary awards, receiving Padma Shri in 1991 and Padma Bhushan in 2007.

Gopal Das also wrote songs for Bollywood movies and won the Filmfare Best Lyrics award on three occasions for his songs Kaal Ka Pahiya ((hi))Hindi language: ???? ?? ?????, Bas Yehi Apradh Main Har Baar ((hi))Hindi language: ??? ??? ????? ??? ?? ??? and Ae Bhai Jara Dekh Ke Chalo ((hi))Hindi language: ?? ???! ???? ??? ?? ???. He also wrote the songs Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe ((hi))Hindi language: ????? ?? ?? ????, Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya ((hi))Hindi language: ???? ?? ??? ??? ???? and Dil Aaj Shayar Hai ((hi))Hindi language: ???? ?? ???? ??.

Gopal Das’s body was reportedly to be taken to Aligarh today.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alaskan U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, who turned 85 yesterday, narrowly lost his re-election bid to Mark Begich, the Democratic Mayor of Anchorage, Alaska.

Meanwhile, as Alaska’s counting of the November 4 election is almost complete, Democratic challenger for the US House of Representatives, Ethan Berkowitz, conceded to incumbent Don Young, the Republican Party nominee.

With this result, the Democrats are two seats away (assuming that independents Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman continue to caucus with them) from a filibuster-proof supermajority in the United States Senate, with two races (Minnesota and Georgia) as yet uncalled. That would allow the Democrats to invoke cloture, limiting filibusters to a further 30 hours, an ability last attained in the 95th Congress of 1977-79.

Stevens is entitled to request a recount at his campaign’s expense, and has not yet made a statement. After the completion of counting yesterday, Begich had defeated Stevens by 3,724 votes, a margin of over one percent. 2,500 special absentee and postal ballots remain to be counted on November 25.

Begich released a statement on his win saying, “I am humbled and honored to serve Alaska in the United States Senate. It’s been an incredible journey getting to this point, and I appreciate the support and commitment of the thousands of Alaskans who have brought us to this day.”

Young won his race by 16,280 votes, a margin of five percent.

Stevens recently became a convicted felon on seven counts for lying on Senate disclosure forms about accepting $250,000 in gifts and home renovations from VECO, an oil services company. He has asked President George W. Bush not to grant him a presidential pardon.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Around 9:00 a.m. local time (0800 UTC) today, an explosion occurred at Barajas International Airport, in Madrid, Spain.

A car bomb exploded in the Level-D Parking Garage of the recently completed Terminal 4. A Spanish official declared that the police first received a telephone call warning them about the bomb, and then a second call with the type of vehicle. The second caller claimed the attack for the Basque nationalist group ETA. Thanks to the telephone call, the police could evacuate most of the area. One man is reported missing after the explosion, and 26 people including two police officers were reported to be injured in the blast. The terminal sustained serious damage, and the situation in the airport became chaotic on one of the busiest days of the year.

Arnaldo Otegi, spokesman of ETA’s political wing Batasuna, did not condemn the attack, but said the peace talks are not interrupted by the explosion. The Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba condemned the attack, saying that it “breaks nine months without violence on the part of ETA, which breaks the permanent ceasefire.” Only in June, the Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero announced peace talks with ETA. But tonight, Zapatero ordered the suspension of all dialogue, because “with violence, there can be no kind of dialogue.”


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