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Detroit Delights and Detroit Cheap Flights

Detroit has more to offer than the Model T and the Motown sound. Detroit offers a taste of America with a vast array of flavors from waves of immigration. Detroit s spin on some of America s favorite foods is worth your visit. Try the famous Coney Dog, a hot dog covered in chili, raw onions and yellow mustard, sans the beans. Treat your taste buds to a little bit of Greece at Greektown, where Detroit s Greek immigrants have set up shop. Have a taste of what the Greek immigrants have brought over at Greektown or see what spin Detroit has given to Mexican food at Mexicantown. Detroit offers a plethora of flavors that s worth your visit. Get your Detroit cheap flights now with these low-cost airlines flying out of Detroit Metro Wayne: Spirit Airlines, Aer Lingus, AirTran Airways, Brussels Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines and make your visit to Detroit a gastronomic adventure.

Detroit Cheap Flights and Strolling Down Memory Lane

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Detroit s museums hold a wealth of artifacts and pieces that take you back to America s industrial age. Detroit tells America s story, from the rise and fall of industries to the waves of immigration that have swept the city time and again. The streets of Detroit tell the story of the rise and fall of the city s industrial district, immigration, and structures from the Gilded Age. See Greenfield Village, part of the massive Henry Ford in Dearborn, where you can ride a Model T and see how much America has changed since the 17th century. Greenfield features about a hundred historical buildings that were moved to the 240-acre property from their original sites. You can explore Greenfield with the vehicles that have moved America through the years: horse-drawn omnibus, steam locomotive, a 1931 Model AA bus, and authentic Ford Model Ts. Within the Henry Ford complex are other attractions worth a visit like its extensive indoor museum and IMAX Theater. You can also get our fill of Detroit history in museums within the Metro Detroit area such as the Motown Historical Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Detroit Historical Museum. Detroit is vital cog in the engine that drives America. Get your Detroit cheap flights available with low-cost airlines flying into Detroit Metro Wayne, the Detroit experience is waiting for you.

Peak Season Detroit Cheap Flights

If you re planning on visiting Detroit, you have to remember that Detroit s peak season includes summer and fall. The summer is the most popular time to visit the Midwest and the Great Lakes. If you re scouring for Detroit cheap flights for the summer, it is best not to book for July and August are when air fares are more expensive than usual. Detroit is at its best in the fall, with temperatures in the sixties and seventies (Fahrenheit). Mid-September is when fall starts, by mid-October; the colors are at their most beautiful. If you re looking to see Detroit in the fall, you still have a number of options for Detroit cheap flights with the low-cost airlines that fly into Detroit Metro Wayne. This airport handles up to 63 low cost flights. Your options include Spirit Airlines, Aer Lingus, AirTran Airways, Brussels Airlines, Frontier Airlines or Southwest Airlines and enjoy cheap fares even in the peak season. With these airlines, you can still see Detroit during the high season without breaking the bank.

Detroit Cheap Flights for the Off-Season

Detroit s winters can be bitterly cold with icy winds and temperatures in the evenings can drop below 10 F (-12 C). Spring in Detroit is damp and chilly. Spring, in the meantime, is damp and chilly. June brings in warmer temperatures while July and August tend to be hot and humid. The most pleasant temperatures are in September and October, hovering around 70 to 60 F. The peak season in Detroit is summer, when droves of tourists go out to see the Midwest and the Great Lakes. Detroit s peak season is summer, when droves of people go see the Midwest and the Great Lakes. Peak season also covers fall, from September till October, when the fall colors are at their most vibrant. Detroit cheap flights are easier to come by in the off season. The off season covers winter and early spring. While January is the coldest month in Detroit, it also coincides with the renowned North American International Car Show. Winter also makes for the best downhill skiing in Michigan. Where do you find Detroit cheap flights for the off season?Check out the low-cost airlines that fly into Detroit Metro Wayne airport: Spirit Airlines, Aer Lingus, AirTran Airways, Brussels Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

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