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February 20, 2017 2:13 am

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Platform beds are those that lack a traditional box spring. They have clean lines and are very inviting. A mattress sits on top of a wooden or other type of frame, allowing for an open area under the platform or adding to the storage of the space. However, when you consider feng shui, you might be happy to learn that these platform beds make one of the best additions to your bedroom. Avoid the bulky, hard lines of a traditional mattress and instead consider the benefits that a platform bed mattress and bedroom set can offer to your space.

Why Platform Beds Matter

Platform beds fit several ways well within the scope of feng shui. They provide you with gentle curves and simpler lines. However, the bed is only one element to this space to take into consideration. When you incorporate feng shui in any type of space, you need to know how the pieces create the whole picture. In other words, the color, bedroom furniture and virtually every other item in your bedroom will play a role in the feng shui of the space.

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When you incorporate good feng shui in your bedroom, you are able to promote sensual energy that is nourishing to the soul. When properly incorporated, the bedroom will be inviting, alluring and calming, while still being an exciting place to be. Here are some tips to help you to incorporate this into the space.

Remove all electronics, exercise equipment and other non-bedroom related items from the space. Another option for this is to hide your television within your bedroom furniture such as in a armoire.

Allow your bed to be easily accessed from both sides. You also want to create a complete look. Choose a master bedroom furniture set that includes two nightstands, one on either side of the bed.

Choose a solid headboard and a good quality mattress. Having the best mattress for your platform bed will add to the calming and rejuvenation of the space.

In choosing the right furniture, remember that modern platform beds are a good option, but if you want to add more feng shui to the space, focus your attention on oriental platform beds instead. These beds have more of the calming effect on the space. You will find numerous options on the market to select from, giving you plenty of choices in the color of the furniture, the design elements and even the curves and movements of the texture of the wood.

Keep in mind that the master bedroom furniture you select for this space should balance with the rest of the room. Choose those wood platform beds that incorporate skin colors in them, ranging from pale colors through rich chocolate colors, for an added feng shui benefit. You also want to incorporate quality sheets and bedding in the design since this too adds to the look and feel of the space. When you pull of these characteristics together, you will have a welcoming space ideal for restorative healing and good energy flow.

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