Central Eastern Census Application}

January 15, 2017 3:10 pm

Central Eastern Census Application



Business Challenge:

A geographic area Government wished to gather the census information of every family within the numerous regions of the country, however wished this to be a paperless census. the whole census space was divided into ten regional workplaces and one head office. These regional offices at a mean deploy forty organiser devices to gather the census info in their various areas. All the collected info in the least the regional centers is synchronal at mounted intervals with the central server.

This needed the passage application to synchronize the organiser information with the regional workplace backend, Oracle 9i Server.

The Pine Tree State Census application had to be localized application in Arabic following the Arabic Windows Code page CP-1256 standards. the applying was conjointly mandated to possess the pliability to be custom to the other locus by loading the suitable resource strings at the Desktop facet and which might be downloaded once the device is synchronal.

The application was conjointly mandated to possess the pliability to be custom to the other locus by loading the suitable resource strings at the Desktop facet and which might be downloaded once the device is


The technologies used square measure

VB 6.0

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Oracle 9i

Palm OS 3.x, 4.x


Software Solution:

1. Multi-lingual support (Arabic, English, Mirroring support), Unicode information storage.

2. information compression provides the flexibility to store information for a thousand families on a 2MB storage device (Palm 105).

3. Incorporates all the census validation rules (about 350) nominal by the govt. on the organiser itself.

4. Fast, straightforward and straightforward to use user interface and application flow so little or no skills square measure needed to use the applying. E.g. possibility for stoning up of the soft-keyboard for information entry if the user isn’t comfy victimization the graffiti keystrokes.

5. Zero information loss throughout synchronization, ability to resume synchronization from last purpose in cases of issues throughout synchronization.

6. distinctive ID creation and key-pooling ensures the universal individualism of the information entered on the PDA’s.

7. Maintains field-level pursuit of incomplete records. the unfinished records square measure downloaded back to the organiser by the passage for information entry throughout consecutive synchronization.

8. COM-based passage provides multiple user support.

9. Supports each monochrome and color devices.


1. on-line assortment of Census information.

2. polyglot.

3. Contains census validation rules.

4. Fast, straightforward and straightforward to use UI.

5. No loss of information.

6. Maintains field pursuit of records.

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