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Illinois Workers Compensation laws are in place to protect employees from dangerous job related conditions. Employees, before company liability insurance was required, could lose their job due to a work related injury. Company liability insurance will pay for medical related costs due to an injury.

Today, the injured worker knows that his job will be secure until he can recover and return to his job. The employee’s medical bills will also be paid for in full. The compensation plan is not without its drawbacks however which is why some injured employees hire a lawyer to represent them when they are filing their claim.

Employees could be injured at a chemical plant if the production process goes awry and chemical gases escape into the work place. A faulty piece of equipment or machinery could injure an employee who was unaware of the problem. These are only a few of the obvious types of injuries that can occur on the workplace.

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Falling down off a scaffold, breathing in hazardous gas at a chemical plant, or slipping and falling in the break room are obvious types of accidents that can lead to an employee injury. However, there are many less obvious injuries that happen all the time at the work place that can lead to debilitating injury. For instance carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury that develops over time because of repetitive motion such as typing all day at a keyboard.

One of the most common repetitive motion injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel is an injury to the hands, fingers, and wrists as is common in employees who have to use their hands repetitively. Most people when hearing carpal tunnel syndrome think of the injury plaguing the office worker who has to sit and type at a keyboard all day. But there are many other workers who have to use their hands at work who are susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome.

People who work in health care can develop carpal tunnel syndrome if they have to lift gurneys loaded with heavy set patients. Many women who work as emergency medical technicians are responsible for lifting patient and gurney onto ambulances and lifting day in day out can cause injury to hands and wrists. The injuries employees are prone to are as varied as the jobs workers perform.

There are as many types of work related injuries as there are types of jobs. Some workers do not have physical injury on the job but do experience emotional or psychological injury due to a hostile work place. Emotional injury, although just as real as physical injury, can be very difficult to prove. A lawyer can help an employee, emotionally injured on the job, prove her employee compensation claim.

An Illinois Workers Compensation lawyer can help employees who have injured at work receive the medical help and insurance payments the employee is entitled. There are many injuries that happen on the work place that are easy to prove such as slip and fall accidents. But there are other injuries such as emotional injury caused by stress on the job or in a hostile work environment that an employee can suffer.

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