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Roll up window blinds have slats that are effective at stopping light from penetrating a room. There are slats that are made of metal, wood, plastic and fabric. Roll up window binds that are made of metal are ideal for outdoors use because they are durable and weather resistant. They have a cord or string, which can be used to change the degree that the slats are opened. You can adjust the slats based on the amount of light that you need. The slats can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Horizontal blinds are also called as venetian blinds. Vertical blinds are less popular than horizontal roll up blinds, but they can be cleaned easily and can even be used in doors.


Before you go around shopping for roll up blinds, you have to get acquainted with the different types of these blinds. You can make a better buying decision if you are aware about what each type of blinds can do for you. At least you will save yourself from regret in making a wrong decision. Here are the different types of roll up window blinds that you can choose from:

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Plastic blinds. The slats are made of plastic. Each slat is closely tied to one another to avoid having gaps formed between them. These are ideal for use in washrooms and bathrooms because they can resist moisture and water. They are also used in kitchens with their humid environment. When it comes to cleaning them, plain water can be used.

Vinyl blinds. These are made of flexible and shiny plastic materials. They are beneficial due to being low maintenance. They are ideal for use in different rooms in the house. Moreover, they are more durable than other blinds.

Wooden or bamboo blinds. These have slats made of bamboo or real wood. These are available in natural wood colours, but modern technology is useful in making these blinds available with more designs and colours.


Window blinds can be used just like window curtains. The roll up blinds can be used to adjust the amount of light that enters your home. These are useful for use in the winter and summer. During summer, the sunlight can be blocked to keep the room cool and keep the room warm during winter. These blinds are essential for use in keeping your privacy. They also have a decorative appeal due to the designs and colours that they have.


Cleaning window blinds found in the outdoors is easy. Just hose them down with plain water. However, indoor blinds are more complicated and time consuming. You need to close the blinds to have the slats separated from each other. Remove the dust from the slats with a duster. Wipe each slat with a wipe rag cloth. If you still find the blinds unclean, you can remove them from the window and clean them well with mild detergent solution. If there are heavy stains, detergents are useful. However, you need to dry them well before hanging them on your windows again.

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